Saturday, March 1, 2008

Uncorked 29 februar

Yesterday night we had a little 'clean up' from the shelves. Here are some notes
Chateau Pierrail 2006
Distributor: hjhansen Vin, Mad&Vin (magasin)
Area: Bordeaux
Grapes: Sauvignon blanc (70%) & sauvignon gris (30%)
Taste notes: citrus, lime, ‘forest onion’, herbs. The wine is indeed very balanced (sweet/acidic) with a slight fat finish.
Storage: to drink right away.
Body: *** (range: 1-5)
Price: 80 kr (panel voted <100kr)>

Barbaresco Produttori del Barbaresco 2003
distributor: Phillipson wine
Area: Piemonte
Grapes: Nebbiolo (100%)
Taste notes: Metal, chalk, extreme rich in tannin with a long finish. The panels opinion is that this is a full blooded piedmont with a stringent 'clean', long taste. The high level of tannin leaves the mouth dry and should perhaps better be stored to develop.
Body *** (Range: 1-5)
Storage: Optimal to let this wine sleep for some years
Price: 80 kr (by the case of 12)
Ceravolo 2004
Distributor: Holte Vinlager
Area: Adelaine plains (Australia)
Grapes: Shiraz (100%)
Taste notes: Black berries, leather, unusually creamy. This wine is a 'type specimen' of a new world wine. It is horseblood dark, butter sweet, round, filly and well balanced.
Body: ***** (range 1-5)
Storage: To drink right away
Price: 85 kr (panel voted ~100 kr) at

Tasted by Jakob haaber, Peter B. & Drud

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