Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two reds for an evening

The other night we had two reds up for a little review. Grapes from Spain (Rioja) and from Italy (Tuscany).
Capitoso 2001
We started of with the Riojian wine (a Grand Reserva from 2001), from where a soft bouquet of smoke, and spices rose from the glass. 
As for the taste, we found the wine velvetly soft, creamy, and far from corpulent. At one hand sweetened by taste of forrest berries, yet also balanced by a slight acidity. The taste is short, and only to be taken over by a short tickling of tannins. 
The wine presents spanish wine in a pleasant way as it was not roasted by the sun nor New worldish. To judge the wine, we doubt it has any potential for aging or further development. This wine is to drink and enjoy now (found at sale Aldi 69dkk/bottle). 
Columbina 2006 (Rosso di Montalcino)
And now to something completely different! 
We challenged to uncork what possibly should have been kept sealed. A young tuscan wine. The bouquet was "two layered". On top, it presented red berries and fruits placed on a base of animal tones (hints from the horse stable). The taste is slightly acidic, yet pleasant. Associations were old cabbage, mould, moisty cellar (all of course is meant in a good way). 
However, we were surprised to find plentiful of sugar crystals (dk: rest sukker) left in the bottle and glasses. The wine is clearly not fully developed and should best be kept (and forgotten) for time/years still. We look forward for the last bottle in the rack - to be opened in future.
Distibutor: Viniportugal (90dkk/bottle)

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meeting an old friend

The other day, I found an old aquintance from our previous tastings. 
Some may remember the Tenuta Poderina Brunello 1997 brought from Italy to Espergærde last year. To my great surprise, Erik Sørensen Vine (Østerbro) are in fact distributing Tenuta Poderina in Denmark at reasonable prices. Poderina lies in the heart of tuscany, and the house range among some of the best producers in the area. On the left the rosso are displayed, the "littlebrother" of the Brunello. Instead of lying 3 years on oak - this rests only 1 year. Still it obtains the extreme darkness, and overwelming of spices and fruits. The taste is lasting, rich and "race-oriented" (the latter referring to Tuscan wine).  

Poderina Rosso (149 dkk/bottle)
Poderina Brunello (starting from 300dkk/bottle)
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who mixed dry tobacco leaves and raspberries?

..Some do, and that's the fine odeur from the glass..

This wine has a bouquet that contains tobacco leaves, raspberries, spices, smoke and vanilla. 
The tastenotes are: dry, quite corpulent yet not full bodied with an acid finish yet without the bite. 

This wine takes one back to the old Portugal or Lusitania. although most wine producers apply modern tech prodution and fermentations, this particular wine goes against the current. Its labelled: Old-school. Its made by classic fermentation, 12 months on oak, and then bottled. There are wonderful brown curtains on the glass and a swift mind journey straight to an old moist cellar in Portugal. Its 'old- school' and thats what makes it interesting…to me. Its a lovely autumn wine - straight to drink and share during Denmarks football game tonight!

Grapes: 100 % Castelao (also known as Perequita), 13.5% vol. 

Distributor: Portugisisk Vinkælder at 59dkk/bottle

Monday, November 17, 2008

Barbaresco 1999 visited

Thursday the 20th of Nov, 9 single field Barbaresco will be tested. Wines uncorked are:
1999 Barbaresco Asili Riserva Produttori del Barbaresco
Rating; 91 pts Robert Parker; "The 1999 Barbaresco Asili Riserva, very aromatic in its expression of mint, roses, tar, and wild fennel, offers excellent cherry and red currant fruit with sweet, long flavors and classy, elegant tannins. Drink: 2005-2016."
1999 Barbaresco Montefico Riserva Produttori del Barbaresco
Rating: 3 glasses in Gambero Rosso 2005
1999 Barbaresco Rabajà Riserva Produttori del Barbaresco
Rating; 90 pts Robert Parker; "The 1999 Barbaresco Rabaja Riserva, dark in color, sweet in its fruit and with an elegant smokiness, is round, ample, supple in flavor, and well structured. Drink: 2005-2015."
1999 Barbaresco Ovello Riserva Produttori del Barbaresco
Rating: 91 pts Wine Spectator

1999 Barbaresco Moccagatta Riserva Produttori del Barbaresc
Rating: 90 pts Wine Spectator, 91 pts Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar
1999 Barbaresco Rio Sordo Riserva Produttori del Barbaresco
Rating: 3 glasses Gambero Rosso
1999 Barbaresco Pajé Riserva Produttori del Barbaresco
1999 Barbaresco Pora Riserva Produttori del Barbaresco
1999 Barbaresco Montestefano Riserva Produttori del Barbares
Rating: 92 pts Robert Parker; " The 1999 Barbaresco Riserva Montestefano, with a plum, and mineral nose, is the most solid and dense of the group, powerful and focused in character, shapely and intense right through to its long finish. Drink: 2005-2017." 3 glasses in Gambero Rosso 2005.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wines at Fredensgade Nov 2008

Condrieu 2006 (vineur: Jean Michel Gerin)
Bouquet: Intense, the fruits peach or the minor plum, mirabella (which are the ’give away’ for this wine). Tones of ‘melted butter’ was also mentioned.
Taste notes: Dry with notes of stonefruit (grappa).
Grapes: 100% viogneir
Notes: This wine really puzzled the panel. The wine is grown on the higher plateaus in Northern part of Rhone, on rocky soils.
Distributor: HJ Hansen vin at 250dkk/bottle (500ml)
Saint Joseph 2006 (vineur: Jean Delobre)
Bouquet: strong pepper (black), pastis, anis, as it stands in the glass the bouquet evolves over an impressing range. At the final evaluation a broad fume of croc ant and orange was present.
Taste notes: Rich, but the wine appears light, and slightly acidic. The taste is lasting and entirely pure.
Notes: In short it is a very elegant wine.
Distributor: Noma Wine import at 175kr/bottle
Atalanyas 2005,  Ribera del Duero
Bouquet: dark berries, smoky, hints of pepper, slight references of vanilla (probably a to the Temperanillo)
Taste Notes: slight acidic. Powerful yet smooth.
Grapes: 100% temperanillo / 12 months in 20% new French oak, rest on older casks from Haut-Brion. Non filtered.
Notes: The wine ranges as one of the best from riebera, and from a distinct little vineyard Atauta, which has its wine growing on southern oriented hills. Vineurs, Miguell Sánchez and the French Bertrand Soudais produce wine in small amounts in super class. “Golban" has a very low yield 15-20 hl/hkt,
Distributor: Erik Sørensen at 139kr/bottle
La Reserve de Leoville Barton 2005, St Julien 
Bouquet: intense, mocca,
Tastenotes: This wine is corpolent, Round, smootly balanced and dry.
Grapes: 72 % Cab. Sauvignon, <8%>
Notes: 2005 was an excellent year from Bordeaux. The Chauteu Leoville-Barton is appointed 2 cru classe in Bordeaux. La reserve, the second wine, is produced exactly the same way as the first wine of Leoville-Barton - and thus the wine is a very good option for one who wish to experience a good Cab-based Bordeaux within an affordable price range. 
Distributor: Erik Sørensen at 269kr/bottle (normally 300kr/bottle)
Aglianico del Vulture 2003 (vineur: Elena Fucci)
Bouquet: Truffel, viol, grappa, chokolates, minerals and smoke.
Tastenotes: Distictively with an ”italian” stile, a wine with strucrual egdes.
Grapes: 100% Aglianico.
Notes: Aglianico (the grape) thrives in volcanic soils and mature extremely late. Thus the Fucci is almost always one of the late to appear on the European markets. The wine sets new standard for ”black” – its pitch black! The wine was stored 60% new oak and 40% older. The entire production is limited to 400 boxes a year.
Distributor: Oxholm vine at 275kr/bottle
Ardévol 2004, Priorat
Bouquet: smokey, dark berries, leather and vanilla.
Taste notes: Fine balance
Grapes: 100% temperanillo. More notes to come.
Distributor: Unknown, price unknown.
Nittnaus – Beeren Auslese 2006, (Austria)
Bouquet: complex and intense. Stony fruits, tropical fruits, hints citrus. References to Botrytis which make the wine similar to the taste of sauternes. 
Tastenotes: Delicate acid, which break the sweetness
Grapes: Chardonney (late harvest)
Distributor: Gobi Vin 99kr/bottle (375ml)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wines 7 nov 08

Cabarone 2006 Veneto
This wine is produced as a clone of the Venetian classic, the Amarone, but using Cabernet Sauvignon (in stead of Corvina and Rondinella).
Bouquet: Red berries, slight note of peber, leather.
taste notes: Velvet tanins, and well balanced wine. The single graped Cabernet gives a fine structure. The experiment is (surprisingly) well done and worthwhile.
Superbest: approx. 100dkk/bottle

Brunello di Montacino Principesco 2003
Bouquet: Viols, hint of sweet tobacco, dark berries and vanilia.
Taste notes: Mild tanins. Wine is fine balanced. The taste lasting, complex, and the wine has a minerally structure. Brunello is ussually a well quality brand and this bottle is no exception. A fine glass.
IRMA: 100dkk/bottle (at sale right now)

Sangiovese 2005, Errazuriz
This wine was tested to exmined how well the tuscan grape, Sangiovese, would flourish in New world soils.
Bouquet: Powerfull, spicy and dark berries.
Taste notes: The high level of alcohol is protrudent in this wine, and only behind the alcohol there is are tones of animal nuances. Otherwise taste notes are dominated by dark berries and there are unfortunately few nuances for a wine of this class. Although Errazurriz wants to establish themselves among the top 100 in the world, this particular wine does not add to the latter ambition.
HJ Hansen Vin. 140dkk/bottle

Thursday, November 6, 2008


New Danish wine magazine by Jyllandsposten (JP).

Recently JP launched a new print issue, Kyperen. A wine magazine for wine lovers in Denmark. The magazine is edited by Niels Lillelund, who previously wrote wine critics in JP. Today JP has launched the magazine independently from the newspaper and hence you do not need to be a JP subscriber in order to recieve the magazine.
The magazine is distributed right to your door 6 times a year. An issue hold approx 40 pp (half content being wine commercials as offers etc.). Each magazine appear to focus on a specific theme, being a type wine or wines from a specific country.

Price for a year subsciption 30 DKK.

To subscribe KYPEREN - Email Carina Bendtzen at JP Master.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

November tasting at Fredensgade

See you all at Fredensgade, friday the 14th Nov., at 18 o'clock. / Drud