Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who mixed dry tobacco leaves and raspberries?

..Some do, and that's the fine odeur from the glass..

This wine has a bouquet that contains tobacco leaves, raspberries, spices, smoke and vanilla. 
The tastenotes are: dry, quite corpulent yet not full bodied with an acid finish yet without the bite. 

This wine takes one back to the old Portugal or Lusitania. although most wine producers apply modern tech prodution and fermentations, this particular wine goes against the current. Its labelled: Old-school. Its made by classic fermentation, 12 months on oak, and then bottled. There are wonderful brown curtains on the glass and a swift mind journey straight to an old moist cellar in Portugal. Its 'old- school' and thats what makes it interesting…to me. Its a lovely autumn wine - straight to drink and share during Denmarks football game tonight!

Grapes: 100 % Castelao (also known as Perequita), 13.5% vol. 

Distributor: Portugisisk Vinkælder at 59dkk/bottle

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