Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two reds for an evening

The other night we had two reds up for a little review. Grapes from Spain (Rioja) and from Italy (Tuscany).
Capitoso 2001
We started of with the Riojian wine (a Grand Reserva from 2001), from where a soft bouquet of smoke, and spices rose from the glass. 
As for the taste, we found the wine velvetly soft, creamy, and far from corpulent. At one hand sweetened by taste of forrest berries, yet also balanced by a slight acidity. The taste is short, and only to be taken over by a short tickling of tannins. 
The wine presents spanish wine in a pleasant way as it was not roasted by the sun nor New worldish. To judge the wine, we doubt it has any potential for aging or further development. This wine is to drink and enjoy now (found at sale Aldi 69dkk/bottle). 
Columbina 2006 (Rosso di Montalcino)
And now to something completely different! 
We challenged to uncork what possibly should have been kept sealed. A young tuscan wine. The bouquet was "two layered". On top, it presented red berries and fruits placed on a base of animal tones (hints from the horse stable). The taste is slightly acidic, yet pleasant. Associations were old cabbage, mould, moisty cellar (all of course is meant in a good way). 
However, we were surprised to find plentiful of sugar crystals (dk: rest sukker) left in the bottle and glasses. The wine is clearly not fully developed and should best be kept (and forgotten) for time/years still. We look forward for the last bottle in the rack - to be opened in future.
Distibutor: Viniportugal (90dkk/bottle)

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