Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Rosé and a Barolo for sale

Summer arrived to Copenhagen and that called for yet another Niepoort bottle, the Redoma Rose, 2007. Finally we also ended up trying Irmas Barolo which currently runs for sale/half price.

Redoma Rosé 2007
A rather new product from Douro, purchased on sale in Odense.
A nose of apple, red fuits, lightly earthy (animal tones) and tobacco. Light body with soft tannin bite which leave a of sweet taste of liquirce in the teeth. Detailed paper on the wine here. To drink now in the sun.
Portugisisk vinkælder 75dkk/bottle (norm price 99dkk) Buy
Points 15.5

Terra dei Celti 2004
Nose of red fruits, cellar and oak (barrique)
Medium body, dry, with medium tannin bite. The medium body can just about carry the 14 % alc - its basically just to the top for this. It is a supermarked Barolo and for a 100dkk the wine ,ay carry its value but the original price is definetively not a good price.
Irma 100dkk/bottle (normprice 200dkk/bottle) Pass
No evaluation made

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Douro! Joy...oh joy

The other night we tasted the lastest scoop – Niepoorts Redoma, which is a homage to the wines of Douro. What a pleasure!

Taste notes were many, from milky chocolate, coffe and cassis with a green base of moss and spices of thime and rosmarin. The tannins are soft as velvet, and the good level of acidity maintain a long finish. To drink and enjoy now or keep…if you can resist it?

Distributor: for 140DKK/bottle (normal price 225DKK/bottle). Only few bottles left and we already ordered more!

18 (of 20points) Buy

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In Portugal

I have exchanged cloudy Copenhagen with the small crooked streets of Lisbon, and right now I am doing my best to find new stars among the Iberian wines. This, of course, requires careful research, trial and errors.
Dialogo 2006
Dirk Niepoort is beyond doubt Douros absolute most promising producer currently. I fell over this table wine which is made from 5 local grapes grown in shiffer soil. The color is medium deep and in the light end. The nose is full of red fuites, dry tobacco with a green base. The wine has a good level of acid which maintain a fine structure and lightness. Its an elegant wine to sip all evening while thinking of which new wine to try tomorrow. 12eur/bottle local bought. 16points

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Swedish raid and a few words on buying wine in Sweden

The wines are in house. Here is a little selection to tickle your curiosity..

We also learned a little lesson! Never buy or get delivery in Limhamn. Not that the service was not adequate. Moreover due to its dislocation from the actual center of Malmø, and its little assortiment. 
when we later visited Systembolaget in Hansa Companiet, we were met with huge catalogue of great wines, and its location approx 300 meters from the train station, makes it an execellent destination for a shopping day in the old center of Malmø. 

US red's and a special white

Last week we had a jazz and wine session at Jakobs place. There was no theme, bring what you want and along with a superb dinner of long cooked Lamb in Chardonney, 3 bottles bottles were blindly tasted. 

Saint Jean du Barroux, Jean Gimel 2005
A clear yellow, wheet colored winte with a funky bouquet of pine needles, flowers, tone of resins, and oxidated sherry. The structure is straight with surprisingly complex. This wine was brought to the tasting after inspiration and recommendation from Rolf's vin blog, which proved strickingly precise. please read for an intersting and very accurate description here
We let the wine stand for more than 60min to test the succession in the bottle - and what suprise. Distrubtor: Brdr D 150kr/bottle. 
16.5 points

Columbia Crest Reserva 2003
Next up, a cold-produced Syrah from Washington, US. The wine presented itself ravenblack in the glasses with a bouquet of dark berries, pepper, moist cellar with discrete oak'y tannins. The taste was round with a good level of acid did, which did not allow the dark berries to dominate (no jam wine).  Vinhjørnet 229dkk/bottle (3 for 600dkk)
15.5  points

J. Lohr Merlot 2006
Lastly we tried a wine which we rarely come across (in our circles) as single varietal - a 100% merlot from the US. Clear bouquet of laether, pepper, and vanila. The taste is dry, which an distinct sweetness. The tannins are extreme soft and we found notes of bitter chocolate and orange peels. Depending on individual taste the sweetness may shaddow or diminish the complexity of this wine. Irma
15.5 points