Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Portugal report #1 Colares Chitas 2006

The Colares region is presently my favorite wine region to explore when in Portugal. So the first Easter wine for the blog had to be from here. Antonio Bernardina Paulo Da Silva has been around for centuries according to the Portuguese wine books. He is worth a whole study for those who share a passion for this reknowned, yet tiny wine region where old school values are kept intact.
The Colares whites are made from Malvasia fina and Arinto grapes. The wines are form the traditional sandy soils, which characterize Colares.

Colares Chitas 2006

Color: golden with greenish shine. Little nose with citrus,butter and flowers. There may an additional note which I was not able to tease out. The taste is incredible balanced, sweet hints of elderflowers, fresh and mineral.It is a dry wine with medium long finish. Delightful with a moderate alcohol level (11%), which I liked. Bought in Jumbo 12€ (never seen Colares wines here before!), 87P.

End note: Although, the end score may not be in the very high end, there are several reasons to love this wine. The romantics for it's bottle shape and label. The connoisseur for drinking Colares which is one of the only wine regions unaffected from the Phylloxera disaster, and finally for the charm of having a label with the award given gold medals in following competitions: Panama 1915, Rio de Janeiro 1923 & Yogoslavia 1980.

A well written note on Colares Ramisco by Ryan Opaz can be read Catavino


Kreutzer said...

Interesting note on Colares. Do you know where to buy wine from Colares in Denmark?

Grapejuices said...

Hi Kreutzer,
No unfortunately the wines of Colares is not imported by any danish retailers as far as I am informed.

The Colares productions are quite low/few, and the wines does not appeal to the "average consumer", which challenge a possible sales in DK.
I do really recommend trying these wines out.They are authentic and different than the vast wines out there.

I buy Colares in Lisbon or at the adeggas in Colares. Typical price range are from 10 to 50+eur, depending on the vintage (the older the more pricy).
Best / Anders said...

Thank you Anders. I tasted a red version many years ago and was just hoping for a retaste of this rare area.


Rasmus Greis said...

Hej Anders,

Har du nogle portugisiske vinblogs du følger / anbefaler.?

Grapejuices said...

hey Rasmus,
beklager tiden til at svare men tak for post/kommentar. Jeg følger og har tidligere fulgt med i en del portugisisiske blogs. Mange af dem er dog på portugisisk, og det sætter jo en tærskel man lige skal over.
Google translate gør sproget lidt mærkeligt/fjernt, hvis man bruger det.

Der ligger et par enkelte links, til nogle mere traditionelle blogs ude i siden. Fx:

jeg kender dog fx ingen Portugisiske blogs med jeres koncept (TV format).

På den danske side kigger jeg fra tid til anden på Bjarne Mouridsens posts. Mestendels for Portugal indholdet, litteratur mm - men for dem som er portvinsinteresseret er der også noget nyt at lære der.

Alt godt,