Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Off to Portugal again

Easter will be spent in Lisbon, and so my next's post will center on portuguese wines. Already now I have a little wish list in my head including Pedra Basta from Quinta do Centro (by Richard Mayson), "Lokal" (from F. Pato), Vinhao from Minho and other wines which I havent got around to taste before. So, I guess one of my first stops will be in the little cosy shop, Coisas do vinho and Arcos in Belem - for new bottles. Off to the airport tomorrow at 14. Happy Easter, Anders

ps: which easter wines are you having?


Niklas Jörgensen said...

Anders, don't forget Garrafeira Nacional as well! In Rua Santa Justa 18. And do try to pick up a Merlot from Ma Partilha (Qta do Bacalhoa) with some ago. It's a splendid wine!



Grapejuices said...

Hi Niklas,
I was inspired with the"Lokal" from your blog.

I very well know Garrafeira in rua Santa Justa. I also go there each time to pick old Ramisco wines.

I will try Ma Partilha, as Im big fan of Palacio de Bacalhoa which i actually brought to a bordeaux tasting (on an earliere post here on GJ). It fitted perfectly in that company :) Best