Sunday, March 21, 2010

Riesling ’07 and a recommendation for ‘great buy’

I was given the task to choose german riesling from a specific distributor in CPH, and due to the constraints of sortiment, it left me with only one option within the budget frame. Since German producers have declared 2007 for a super year, almost unlike any other years. We tried a Mosel wine, and our verdict of this wine is that it is a genuinely pleasant glass of wine. In particular for it’s purpose - a reception.

And now to something completely different. I failed to buy Renato Ratti Barolo 05 last year at a favourable price. Ever since the price has gone up, at intervals of 3 months. Last weekend, their Langhe Nebbiolo from 07 was on sale, and although not a Barolo, I did not want to repeat the mistake.

The best purpose of selecting wines is to find wine gems, either undiscovered, underrated, a simply good value for money. And here is one. Ratti’s Langhe for 83kr.

Schloss Marienlay 2007

Clear with wheat yellow colour tones. Bouquet of mango, passionfruit and acacia-flower. The taste is well balanced; at first fresh, midpalate somewhat sweet, and again, a fresh finish. 89P Vinoble 99kr

Renato Ratti Langhe 2007

Bouquet of raspberries, rose, viol and herbs. Taste of soft tannins. The bottle reminds me of why i like Piemonte wines, for their cool style, perfect acidity, yet powerful body. 91-92P, Phillipsonwine 10+2 (83kr/bottle), Great buy

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