Monday, March 29, 2010

Finally Loire

For some treason it had to take more than 2 years before our blog could present the first Loire wine on the reference list. This is definitively too bad, and more will appear. Actually, I still have a bottle of Le Haut-Lieu 2007 from Domaine Huet (Vouvray, chenin blanc) sitting on the wine rack that I am very curious to try. From Loire we had one of Bourgeois prestige wines, La Chapelle des Augustins 2004, produced by Henri Bourgeois, on 35 year old saugvignon blanc wines from calcareous and flint soils. Hereafter we moved to Oregon to try US Pinot Noir. Here we go…

La Chapelle des Augustins 2004

Bouquet of lemon peel, green asparaguses, flowers (rose?), pine needles. A great balanced wine with mineral texture, mid palate of green apples. Dry and fresh finish. Fantastic., 150kr (on offer) 91P

Crowley Pinot Noir Entre Nous 2007

Bouquet of rasberries and red cherries, perfume on terrestrial scents. Taste of caramelized figs, but with a adequate acid level. This is definitively a ladies wine. It is smooth, tasty and still on the sweeter side of European Pinot noir. Locally bought in Oregon US, 28$. 90P

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