Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blind tasting at Eggerts

Friday night hosted another reunion on the concept "bring your own bottle". Following bottles were tasted and evaluated; Pazo Señorans 2008, Moss Wood Pinot Noir 2004, Chateau Marquis D’alesme 1982 and Cornas Tardieu Laurent 2006. As prologue and epilogue a keller Riesling and a bottle of Chateau de Malle 2002 Sauternes was enjoyed.

Pazo Señorans 2008
Galician wine on the noble green wine grape, Albariño. Clear colored with olive glaze on the egdes. Clean bouquet of exotic fruits and flowers. The wine is not all light, but has some density. The asfter taste is dry and lasting. Kjær & Sommerfeldt, 179dkk, 90+P
Moss Wood Pinot Noir 2004
Red transperant color. Huge bouquet of raspberries, pibe tobacco, cut grass, earthy tones, marcipan and vanilla. Acid level is very balanced and the wine appears quite light(the huge bouquet considered). Privately aquired (260dk-400dkk), 90P
Chateau Marquis D’alesme 1982
A wine guessed in 2 seconds, old bordeaux from Medoc from the famous vintage 1982. Orange egdes and uncleared wine. Almost like blood in glass. Huge bouquet of heavy leather, salt, gorgonzola, earthy. A heavy tannin bite dominate the finish with taste of stone fruits/pencil. A quite masculin wine. Vinoble, 238dkk, 90+P
Cornas Tardieu Laurent 2006
Deep red color, with purple egdes. The bouquet is focused and very dominated by white grinded pepper and strawberries. Finish with hints of vanilla. Not the most assesible wine, but very interesting. The wine express the schist-terroir with a clean minerality. Theis-vine, 299dkk, 91P
Finally the evening was Chateau de Malle 2002. Delightful wine with notes of toasted bread with butter and raisins.

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