Monday, April 19, 2010

Conceito Bastardo 2007

I brought back to Denmark a single bottle of Bastardo from Conceito from my last Lisbon trip.

From a quick research on the red grape ”Bastardo”, you will read that Bastardo was formerly widely used in Portugal. Especially in Dao and Douro. It riped in early June, hence is a very early maturing wine, and its sweet grapes were eaten during the popular festival of Sao Joao (June 25). Small amounts of Bastardo still remain today mixed into wine production, where its main characteristics are low acidity, high sugar levels and pale colour. The latter is ideal for fortified or a tawny*, but sounds little flattering for a modern table wine.

However this was not so, and while the bottle may not be Portugal’s best table wine presently, it is surely an interesting bottle which stands completely out from the crowd of table wines in Portugal. From all wines I’ve tried in Portugal, there is no brand which comes close to this taste. Although the label would lead me to pass on this wine, I recommend you to try it.

Conceito Bastardo 2007

Color: pale red (as German Spätburgunder/Pinot noir)

Nose: redcurrant, pine needles, resin, on a base of foxy flavours (barnyard flavours). Taste: quite well acidified, with something sweet towards the end. Finish is medium long. Locally bought 13€, 89P

* From R. Mayson, The wines and vinyards of Portugal

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