Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Rosé and a Barolo for sale

Summer arrived to Copenhagen and that called for yet another Niepoort bottle, the Redoma Rose, 2007. Finally we also ended up trying Irmas Barolo which currently runs for sale/half price.

Redoma Rosé 2007
A rather new product from Douro, purchased on sale in Odense.
A nose of apple, red fuits, lightly earthy (animal tones) and tobacco. Light body with soft tannin bite which leave a of sweet taste of liquirce in the teeth. Detailed paper on the wine here. To drink now in the sun.
Portugisisk vinkælder 75dkk/bottle (norm price 99dkk) Buy
Points 15.5

Terra dei Celti 2004
Nose of red fruits, cellar and oak (barrique)
Medium body, dry, with medium tannin bite. The medium body can just about carry the 14 % alc - its basically just to the top for this. It is a supermarked Barolo and for a 100dkk the wine ,ay carry its value but the original price is definetively not a good price.
Irma 100dkk/bottle (normprice 200dkk/bottle) Pass
No evaluation made

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