Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meeting an old friend

The other day, I found an old aquintance from our previous tastings. 
Some may remember the Tenuta Poderina Brunello 1997 brought from Italy to Espergærde last year. To my great surprise, Erik Sørensen Vine (Østerbro) are in fact distributing Tenuta Poderina in Denmark at reasonable prices. Poderina lies in the heart of tuscany, and the house range among some of the best producers in the area. On the left the rosso are displayed, the "littlebrother" of the Brunello. Instead of lying 3 years on oak - this rests only 1 year. Still it obtains the extreme darkness, and overwelming of spices and fruits. The taste is lasting, rich and "race-oriented" (the latter referring to Tuscan wine).  

Poderina Rosso (149 dkk/bottle)
Poderina Brunello (starting from 300dkk/bottle)
/ AD

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