Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wines 7 nov 08

Cabarone 2006 Veneto
This wine is produced as a clone of the Venetian classic, the Amarone, but using Cabernet Sauvignon (in stead of Corvina and Rondinella).
Bouquet: Red berries, slight note of peber, leather.
taste notes: Velvet tanins, and well balanced wine. The single graped Cabernet gives a fine structure. The experiment is (surprisingly) well done and worthwhile.
Superbest: approx. 100dkk/bottle

Brunello di Montacino Principesco 2003
Bouquet: Viols, hint of sweet tobacco, dark berries and vanilia.
Taste notes: Mild tanins. Wine is fine balanced. The taste lasting, complex, and the wine has a minerally structure. Brunello is ussually a well quality brand and this bottle is no exception. A fine glass.
IRMA: 100dkk/bottle (at sale right now)

Sangiovese 2005, Errazuriz
This wine was tested to exmined how well the tuscan grape, Sangiovese, would flourish in New world soils.
Bouquet: Powerfull, spicy and dark berries.
Taste notes: The high level of alcohol is protrudent in this wine, and only behind the alcohol there is are tones of animal nuances. Otherwise taste notes are dominated by dark berries and there are unfortunately few nuances for a wine of this class. Although Errazurriz wants to establish themselves among the top 100 in the world, this particular wine does not add to the latter ambition.
HJ Hansen Vin. 140dkk/bottle

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