Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hours of cooking and good wine

Above a gentle simmering 3 hour lamb in wine with tomato rissotto, we found time to squeze in a test of a bottle Châteauneuf-du-Pape. 'Mas De Boislauzon' is a situated in the northern Rhone, in the district of C-d-Pape. The wine results from a blend primarily consisting of 75% Grenache, 15% syrah, mouvedre make up the rest.
Location of Mas De Boislauzon press here

Mas De Boislauzon 2006

Bouquet: dark ripe cherries, herbs, notes of spices, marcipan and peber.
Tastenotes: its a very fine balanced wine. The palate is broad, and even with an impressive volume of 15% alcohol, this wine is freshly bouyant with a fine minerality, along with a long finish. - a classic and made for good food.

Distributor: Viniportugal 185 kr/bottle if not on sale.

Drengene i køkkenet: Drud & Eggert

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