Thursday, November 12, 2009

Portuguese beauty with age

Posted by Drud
For the past time there has not been anything worth writing about, in terms of great, surprising wines or great-buys, which i've come across. Hence a bit of silence..

However, if one stuck out, it would be an elderly Portuguese which showed unussual livity, and thus deserves a note. Since I started collecting Portuguese wines in 2004/5, I've noticed that not all of them age with grace, in the same way as Bordeaux's, wines from Burgundy or Piemonte. After a few slips with older Portuguese table wines, I decided to uncork a Reguengos 2001 Garrafeira dos Socios from the Carmin Cooperative. I got it back in 2005 but it no longer retails in this vintage (now the 2002). Before opening, I feared the dissappointment but quite contrary it showed a huge strong livety! Great spicy complex nose, high coherent vertical structure and long finish. No flatness at all. We enjoyed it fully, although admittedly in between sips, I got the "could have kept it even longer" thoughts..
A fine Alentejo table wine with great liveliness - a shame it was the last bottle in the cellar..

...Off to Berlin tomorrow for Spätburgunder and other surprises.

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