Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Riecine, a classic

Wines based on the Sangiovese grape can range from very light and subtle, to massive fruit-bombs with loads of spice and earthy elements. On a previous occasion we tried out the Riecine Chianti Classico Riserva, which, to me, was a revelation in just how elegant and seductive these Sangiovese wines can be. This time I tasted the “little sister” of the Riserva, the:

Riecine Chianti Classico 2006.

Again the wine is made purely from Sangiovese and again the wine aims for seduction by elegance and finesse, rather than over-powering by massive fruit and wood. In the glass the wine shows up a clear deep red, in fact, as I remember it, it seemed a bit darker that the Riserva. The nose revealed ripe cherries, blackberries and dark chocolate, but despite of the rather high alcohol content (14%) it is in a cool and almost reserved way. The same elements were noticeable in the taste and again in a very cool and elegant fashion. Together with some spices and smooth tannins the wine is kept in a fine balance and is joy to drink in big slurps and calls for a good slice of homemade pizza. On the second day the wine was a bit more open but still very firm and well structured in the mouth. From the dealer, the word is that this wine would easily do another 6-7 years on the shelf and see no problems in that either.
Imported by Viniportugal (129 DKR).




Anonymous said...

Spændende! Det er jo altid herligt at opleve en lækker lillesøster til en skønhed.
Jeg vil gerne prove reservaen igen, som jeg husker som temlig personlig, syrestærk, og langt gemmepotentiale. AD

Anonymous said...

Reservaen var, for mig, et skole eksempel på hvor renb og præcis sangiovese kan være. Desværre var det min eneste flaske og jeg kan ikke få fat på mre. Øv. Men der kommer nok noget fra 2006. Mads

Anonymous said...

Nå det kommer så er jeg med på et par stykker. keep me posted. Drud