Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

a favourite classic of mine. Whats yours?
to all of you wine appreciators browsing by Grapejuices. 

Its been a funny year. First half of the year we had more time to share our wine thoughts among you. The beginning of the second half was more stressy and therefore posts only rarely appeared. Now we are back, and with eyes wide open and looking straight into the new year, we promise to share wine thoughts with pleasure and curiosity. 

We enter our 4th year of the blog, a little idea that kept growing. Yet, as I soon travel off on christmas vacation, my head spins on which wine (or perhaps wines) to enjoy on this years chistmas eve. 

Hidden away backhome lies Portuguese bottles of Barca Velha 2000, Ferreinha 98, some Niepoort's redoma 05 and an italian brunello (a classic for me) La Poderina 2001 (I ran out of 97:)), so my cellar picking may very well be among those bottles for the roast, the duck, the fireplace and piano. Merry Christmas and please share with us what you will enjoy?
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