Monday, May 11, 2009

Pinot's for all likings

Pankraz 2007
Our first taste of Switzerland (Zurich) with a pure taste of PN. Little bouquet upon opening (stronger after 30min+) of pure raspberries. Taste is light, fruitful, mineral with a slender structure. A high level of acidity give the wine a long finish.
Local bought (24 Eur).
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L. Jadot Pommard Clos de la Commanraine 2001
Medium transperant wine with brown curtains in the glass. A fine complex bouquet with dense nuances from red berries, animal earthy tones, commin, young cherries and mint. Medium bodied wine (choppy lady) with a beautiful balance btw acid and tanin levels.
Local bought (27 Eur).
Drink now or keep 5-10y

Roar 2006
Highly unusual, this wine presents itself with a somewhat milky/unclear at first in the glass. The bouquet is rather expressive with tones raspberries, rotten cabage, yet also creamy and leathery. The wine is quite sweet at first sip with little acid which give the wine a certain volumnity. We had a little debate to rank this wine. Truly Roar is one of the top producers in North America, yet the wine also bear sweet traits which may be aimed to the american market, rather than a rustique character.
Gift, around 50 usd
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Baileyana 2005
Medium transperancy to dark red. Bouquet of strawberry, milk chocolate. The taste is rich and a bit jammy which does not persist for long. We discussed whether the wine is "over done" or also commented as being "pretty but boring". Perhaps a bit surprising for a very well renown producer in North America.
Gift 38 usd
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Knipser 2003
Nice bouquet of citrus, fresh leather and the characteristic animal tones of PN. The wine has a high level of acid which make the wine hang in you teeth for long. It reminded us of a well done Cote de Beaune - Germany is certainly an area to explore.
Gift around 200dkk
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Mikas | Winebook said...

Det lyder som en hyggelig smagning :)

Knipser er jeg generelt meget imponeret over. Hvilken af deres vin var det i smagte, og årgang?

Grapejuices said...

Hej Mikas,
Det var Knipsers Kalkmergel Spätburgunder 2003 (Pfalz). Det var formentligt højdepunktet for den PN smagning som nåede godt rundt i verden. / Drud