Sunday, May 24, 2009

To keep or to open...

..That's the question so often wondered in front of the cellar rack. 'Curiosity killed the cat', and although the bottle was young, we uncorked a recent top wine from D'arenberg to explore what to expect when drinking some of Austrialias finest wine.
Dead arm is exclusively made on shiraz, and more insterstingly the name refers to a condition which may affect old vines, leaving one branch of the vine dead, and the other a live with low yields but quite intense aromatics. 

Dead Arm D'arenberg 2006
Tasted friday 15 may by PBK, JH & ADJ

Appearance: Classic deep red (not pitch black as perhaps expected).
Bouquet: Quite closed the first, hereafter dark berries, leather, cigarwood, tobacco, hay and mint. At first taste, the high level of acid expose the full piano (whole mouth). The wine holds back the 'jam-ness' (if any), and even though its a full bodied wine, it presents itself in with refinement. The strong tanins may decrease upon storage and the wine is definitively to keep for 5+ years. As we acknowledge that the wine is better stored rather than opened now - we did not rate it... 
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