Sunday, September 20, 2009

Italian wines on a saturday night

By chance we had three Italian wines on a last satudays blind tasting. It was a free call - but somehow we managed to chose three bottles from Italys more nortern parts. 
We started of in Veneto with secondary wine of the big amarone. The Ripasso is ever so often shaded by Amarone, but these wines are not  to neglect for two reasons. Firstly, as you may enjoy a lighter and more mineral wine contrary to the hefty amarone, or secondly because you find you self drinking a fantastic wine, similar to amarone but for a much cheaper price. 

Montezovo Ripasso Valpolicaella 2005
Nose: hints of strawberris came through first. pebber and vanilia. 
Upon tasting the red berries are quickly replaced by a dry (sherry like) and bitter dark chocolate. 89P, Erik Sørensen vin 149 dkk

Next wine up was perhaps tonights best experience, and also most hard to nail. A bordeaux wine from Italy. This wine is made on Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. 

Villa Fidelia rosso 2003
Bouquet of dark red berries, oak (barrique), coffe and dark chocolate. 
The taste is rich, copulent but overall in well balance with the level acidity. There is a fine harmony between its volume, structure and sweetness. 90P, Theis vine 200dkk

We ended the evening with one of the most known Vino Nobile from Montepuliciano, the Asinone.The wine was opened and decanted 5 hr before tasting. 

Poliziano Asinone 2005
Bouquet of red berries, grass, oak and leather and slight hints of animalistic tones. Its a well structured wine, dry, and with a medium hard tannins. This wine may easily evolve more over the following years. 89P, Oxholm vine 279dkk

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Grapejuices said...

When searching a bit on the internet,it seemes that people generally agree on saving Polizianos Asinone for quite a few years before you get anything out of it.