Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Mediterranian Evening with a Douro wine

I have had a few Portuguese bottles lying around with some age, making them vulnable for causal picking, and tonight one of them were up for test. Calabriga 04.
Clearly vintage '04' does classify as old in many other countries in the old world, but so far, and from my experience, many portuguese does not evolve tremendiously. The wine was accompanied with traditional paio, presunto, bread from Portugal.
For my taste, Calabriga, is a very typical Douro wine. The color is deep red, and notes were dark berries, herbs, hints of moist cellar, 'minty' and dry tobacco leaves. At first the taste appear rounded, a bit inky, filly, but ends up dry and spicy.
These were the notes from the first evening tasted. Its a fine wine, without being outstanding. 88P

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