Friday, June 19, 2009

Chaminé: Not for sore stomachs

Some readers will know that Portuguese wines often find their way to this blog. Over two days I tasted Chaminé from Cortes de Cima, which is Danish vinyard in the largest portuguese wine region, Alentejo. 

Cortes de Cima is well estimed producer and the first wine producer to introduce Syrah to Portugal. Their most famous wines are ”Incognito” (100% Syrah) and ”Cortes de Cima reserva” (blend). 

In the other end of their prodtion scale we find the more modest Chaminé. I have tasted this wine in various vintages during visits to Portugal yet this table wine has unfortunately so far never really impressed me. This time around, the outcome was still the same and hence I tried to taste the wine over 2 days… wait for any surprise…

Chaminé 2007 (Aragonez [Temperanilloand Syrah).

1 day. Rather large nose of fruits mainly dark cherries, spice, tobacco and earth. At first the taste the wine is dense, soft, but it quickly replaced by a high level of acidity, which dominate the aftertaste; almost bordering ’a sourness’. 83P Pass

2 day - no significant improvement. Tastewise a bit rounder.  / Drud


Cortes de Cima said...

Hello Grape Juice! Our Chaminé has proved to be our most popular wine, because it is an 'easy drinking' wine. We try to maintain a steady track record of consistency, but it is impossible and surely undesirable to avoid vintage differences, year to year. All that said, we are really excited about launching the 2008, and would love for you to try it, and write about it. Send me an address and we will send you a bottle. A deal?

Grapejuices said...

Dear Cortes de Cima

A deal – and thank you for your comment and kind offer. We would indeed be very happy to receive any bottle, which you would like to share with us, and we would of course be happy to share our notes and impressions on the webpage.

Also, should it be possible to make a visit to Cortes de Cima then I would be happy to pay a visit to your quinta and of course write about it. I spend much time in Portugal, as my wife is Portuguese.

Our address is
Anders Drud Jordan,
Fredensgade 15, KBH N, Denmark

Kind regards from Grapejuices - Anders