Sunday, June 21, 2009

Super Saturday

Tasted by MadsE and Drud
This saturday we had a little child celebration, Adriana turned 2 weeks and in good company on a weekend we pulled out three good wines.

Muhr-Niepoort Prellenkirchen 2007
First wine was from Austria with the influence of the Portuguese winemaker, Dirk Niepoort. Prellenkirchen is based on 80% Grüner Sylvaner and 20% Riesling. Taste notes and impressions are manyfold and accurately described by the Danish importer here. It is fine summer wine, with a medium body and the taste of riesling. Purchased at 99dk/bottle. 88-89P Buy

La Chablisienne 2002 Chablis 1.Cru Monte Milieu
At dinner we uncorcked what perhaps turned to be the best white wine posted on Grapejuices so far. Phillipson wine are presently selling La Chablisienne at 149dkk/bottle (when buying 12bottles) and what wonderful wine this is. The bottle itself is twice as heavy as a normal bottle, conveying the message "you-are-now-about-to-drink-some-real-hefty-stuff" - and the statement stands. There are so many nuances, which just come consecutively, one after the other. Compact bouquet of almonds, vanilla, and hinys of minerals. Taste is rich with a long finish of hazel and liquorices’. Cheers. Phillipson Wine 149DKK/bottle when buying 12bottles. 92-93P Buy

Cote Rotie Bernard Burgaud 2006
Syrah - no way! No heaviness, no over ripe overseas Syrah. Be preprared for a surprise, as this wine steps aside from most Syrah made today, and show what this grape can do, in the hands of the right people.
Here is what it reads "Burgaud makes highly personal wines with a very limited production. This vintage bears lovely hints of ripe rasberries, a notes of dark fruit and black olives, bits of oxidized iron, raw meat and spices. Despite 100% Syrah it has loads of feminin charme. The taste is intense, medium body and above all a dominant fruit and exact balanced acid level, which emits balance in the wine." 93RP and we agree. Buy


Mikas said...

Hey - jeg er så enig med La Chablisienne 02, som var med som en af hvidvinene ved Bourgogne-smagningen i fredags. Et fantastisk glas især til prisen. Hvis i er friske på et være sammen om en kasse, tager jeg gerne 3 flasker...

Har en af Jer i øvrigt nogensinde smagt noget fra Raveneau i Chablis? Han skulle være den bedste producent derfra...

Hilsen herfra.

Grapejuices said...

Hej Mikas

uhh...det er dælme en skam, for vi er lige 2 dage for sent. Jeg fik lige hentet en kasse Chablisienne igår...og den er desværre allerede splittet op i 3 personer.

Jeg har med stor fornøjelse læst jeres smagning - det lød som en god oplevelse. Jeg har desværre ikke smagt Raveneau endnu, men det kommer..:)
Hilsner Anders Drud