Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas wine #3 Arenae Ramisco 2002

posted by drud
Yesterday's best (wine) experience was clearly the Aranae 2002 Ramisco. I had no idea that this wine also was made to drink this young. This bottle only come 50Cl and with an annualy production of 6000 bottles. I ordered the bottle mainly to satisfy my curiosity on ramisco, while preparing a mind talk on how this bottle perhaps should had been stored 40 more years before opening. After a slight sip, all prepared defense lines vanished. Aranae appears to made for drinking now, and I do sincerely recommend this wine. Notes to come..

Lisbon is full of sneaky corners, authentic cantinas, and one can not help surrending to such an atmosphere. The images posted are from Fabrica Lisboa, in Alcantara, where we had our last stop.

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