Monday, December 21, 2009

First christmas wine #1 Niepoorts Pinot Noir

posted by drud

First Chrismas wine was Niepoorts PN project which i had been wanting to taste for long, mainly driven by the big question - does it taste like burgundy?

The wine is medium dark (darker than french PN), and has a nose of dark red berries, spices and cigarbox wood. It has an elegant light structure, which first appears a bit creamy, then turning into a sweet smoky aftertaste. As for the big question (Burgundy or not) the answer is no. The nuances were few and we are in the new world PN style. However, to me, there was a Portuguese (spicy/herbs) signature in it, which i have tasted in many other Douro wines. I enjoyed the lightness, the aftertaste and the experiment. 92P

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