Friday, May 14, 2010

A book I just read

Just a quick note from London. Somebody decieded long ago, that books had to cost a fortune in Denmark, regardless the quality. So whenever I'm outside the borders of Denmark, I always find pleasure in exploring book shops. Yesterday, I found Oz Clarkes "Grapes & Wines" (updated and revised version) for 17€.
I turned the pages quickly to see whether it had any interest for person who already has a whole shelf full of books with wines. And it does.
"Grapes & Wines" is actually a neat handbook which deals with 300 grape varieties through great photos, texts and illustrations. There are nice maps (not as good as Hugh Johnsons), interesting anecdotes, and moreover detailed planting data on the every larger international grape. The first 30 pages are dedicated to a larger overview of wine production today, the story of wine, and hereafter you explore 300 pages with describtions of grape varieties from Abourio to Zinfandel. Some grapes are only described with 3-4 lines while others get a whole chapter. Focus for each grape is laid at their geographical origin, taste characterstics, and history. I enjoy reading the book. / Anders

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