Monday, February 14, 2011

Back to Colares

A rare good white made of Arinto and Malvasia
I just experienced a recent low tide in the wine rack, but nothing is so bad that its not good. Low tide is when you discover all the leftover bottles saved for yet another occasion.
I have kept one bottle in particular which I have held high expectations– a white wine bought directly in the small cooperative in Colares. I seem to recall that the wine was made out of a tiny production counting only 3600bottles. Grapes are wonderfully old traditional’s: Arinto and Malvasia, an equal mix of both.
Bq with notes of lemon, butter, pinapple and some nutty background. The taste is almost two-phased, fresh and fruit driven on top and with a more fat and nutty basis. Its surprisingly smooth, I did not expect such international taste in the smoothness. Again, a great surprise. Locally bought, 90P

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