Monday, February 7, 2011

Hail the Iberian Diversity

Bastardo from Duero

Bastardo is an old and traditional Portuguese grape which has lost is value among wine growers. The grapes was greatly favoured before the phylloxera disaster, yet it is still found in little quantities of the mixed plantations in the Dao and Duero region.  Its best described as an early ripening, low acidity and with high sugar content. Hence the grape is ideal for Tawny Port. It is also grown in small quantities on Madeira. Today it is reinveted in a few experimental vineyards (Mayson 2003).

Niepoort Projectos Bastardo 2008 (bottle, 1256 out of 1335)
Pale color in glass. Bouquet of red cherries, leather, pine wood. Very harmonic and velvet smooth, almost internationally designed smooth! Aftertaste of pebber.  89P

R. Mayson 2003. The wines and vineyards of Portugal. Mitchell Beazley, pp 1-354  

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