Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jazz'n Wine

Posted by Anders D

Last friday provided an interesting tasting under a free theme with wines from France, Argentina and Spain. 

Marquis de Calon 1996 
A older bordeaux from Saint-Estephe. Notes of coffe and oak but also bit "chalky"due to its age. The wine had a fine structure kept up by the cabernet. Drink now (if not before). 90P

Centenario Reserva 2005
A pure cabernet sauvignon with notes of red berries, liquerice, and oak from the storage. Although not the wine is not heavy on alcohol (13%) hints of alcohol stuck out on the nose. The taste is dry and roasted with hints of fig. A fine stucture but it may also rest. Drink now, 87P
bought at Los Andes (amager)

Hacienda el Monasterio 2005
Full blooded Temperanillo from Ribeiro del Duero. Here the little thick skinned temperanillo grape grow into masculin potent wine, rich of tannins for longlivity. The wine is made by Peter Sisseck from Domino de Pingus, and the 2005 Crianza was a blend of 80% temperanillo mixed with blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The wine is reviewed and highly recommended on where comments and notes are also given. Its a wine we for sure will try again - till then. Deep red, with a nose of dark berries, coffee, vanila, chocolate amongst others. 91-93P. Grapewise 215dkk

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