Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crab cakes and Chablis

Matching food and wine is always a delicate matter. Even though there are some obvious parings, it always comes down to things like seasoning, cooking time and off course personal preferences. Here follows one of the more obvious ones but none the less it was a great paring.

Last week there was a sale on crab claws and Birgitte and I went and bought 2kg. The meat was taken out and estimated to around 800g of pure meat, not bad.

We started off by making a soup of the shells together with some fish leftovers. A little Pastis just gives this little hint of anis that goes so well with fish.

Thereafter we prepared the meat with a couple of eggs, a little Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, parsley and some rolled oats to keep it together. The cakes were fried and served with linguini. The sauce was a bit of the reduced soup with added cream and some fine slices of carrot. A little nip of parsley gave it the green touch.

To this we drank a Chablis “La Pierrelée” from La Chablisienne with some age (2002). Nice minerality and a touch of citrus and peach. The age gives it a little buttery taste almost nutty. I bought a case of this a couple of years ago and I am now down to my last bottle (Sigh). This wine was a scoop at 80 DKR and has developed nicely over the years. However do I think that this wine has reached its limit in shelf life.

Mads E


Anonymous said...

Der er jo bare ting som hænger uløseligt sammen, og det her lyder jo som en fortræffelig kombination, "Chablis og Crapcakes"; som "Rødvin og Ost"; som "Popcorn og Cola" ;)

Scoop med 80dkk/fl.


Grapejuices said...

Der nu tilbud på samme vin årgang 2005. Atter er det 80 DKK men man skal købe 12.

Mads E

Grapejuices said...

hvis vi nu er en gruppe....(jeg tager gerne 4).. Drud

Mikas/Winebook said...

mangler i købere til den kasse tager jeg gerne 3 flasker...

Grapejuices said...

Hej Mikas,

Vi har desværre allerede købt og fordelt kassen med de 12 fl Chablis i sidste uge. Dog var det ikke alle der nåede at være med.

Den gode nyhed er at vi sikkert snart falder over et nyt godt tilbud, og det er alletiders at vi er nogle stykker som engang imellem er friske på en kassedeling.

Mange hilsner
Anders Drud