Wednesday, August 5, 2009

White wine in Denmark - what to grow???

For some time we have been thinking of establishing a wine parcel or two in Denmark. And after some hours of study, picking a locality, thoughts now arise on which grape varietal(s) would be suited for a minor wine production in Denmark. I suppose, due to the danish climate, that white wine grapes is the only natural choice. 

With preliminary talk with on choice of sorts - the recommendation was "Johanitter" a fresh grape which by phone was described with some characteristics/similarities to Riesling (lets see about that!), and "Solaris" which is described as sweeter and more "heavy". Both should be ideel to mix, hence to find a prefered level of between the acidity and sweetness. Both grape varietals are quite resistant to the danish climate.

The list of grape varietals is long, and other sorts could be tried out, so any other recommendations or comments are welcome

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