Monday, August 31, 2009

Blaufrankisch - an indian summerwine

Posted by Drud

September is here and we now tend to leave summers light wines and enjoy the more full bodied ones. There are, however, wines that still target the seasons small changes delightfully. The other day I found a bottle of Blaufrankisch from Burgenland. I am quite a fan of these "colder" reds, as they have a rich and heavy bouquet yet surprising crispy (and lighter) body with good fruit. A recipe for a perfect Indian summer wine.  

After 30 min open, a great bouquet grew out of the bottle with dark cherries, chalk, earth, salt licorice, and oak. The wine is mineral with a fresh bite. Uncomplicated and lovely. 89P 

Moric Blaufrankisch 2005/ aprrox 120dkk


Grapejuices said...

Fedt. Har længe tænkt på at jeg skulle forbi Winetrader men ak. Hvordan er det??


Jake said...

Thanks for sharing, I've just become a Moric fan myself.

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