Monday, October 12, 2009

Cleaning up and finding a 'comeback kid' in the cellar

When the family visits from Lisbon, we get a chance to clean up some ’old timers’ in the cellar. Tonight we found a Garrafeira Reserva 2001, which we personally picked up in Borba, deep within the Portuguese wine region of Alentejo. The cork left the bottle swiftly, perhaps a bit too swiftly to my liking, and my alertness was further raised by a nose of alcohol, pencil, and stone fruity. We decanted the wine in a carafe but deemed the wine as ”gone-over” and ’assymetric’. After dinner we gave the wine a last chance poured the glasses.

Garrafeira 2001, Adega coop de Borba

Nose: Dark cherries, plums, english liqurice, oak, (still some base of balsamico)

The sourness had left and was replaced by a mature (older) wine with medium body and soft tannins. The wine had raised itself from a flat and sour experience to a balanced and rather proud wine. The wine had however lost some of it youth and hence a score of 86P

Have you ever tried this before?

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